Are You Writing Content “Just for SEO”?

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“Yeah, those keywords have a lot of search volume, but we don’t want to write content just for SEO.” This is a common apprehension from some clients these days, now that the more literal interpretations of “content is king” are dying off and it’s really starting to sink in that the content on your website actually has to be meaningful beyond a robot recognizing keyword density in a slapdash pile of 300 – 500 words.

That said, some people have become over-cautious – paranoid even – about writing any content that serves a motive to rank in search results.

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Callout Extensions Are Out of Beta

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Early in September, Google rolled out to the public a new type of ad extension known as callout extensions. Similar to sitelink extensions, callouts allow advertisers to show additional text with their Google search ad; unlike sitelink extensions, callouts aren’t clickable, and should be used to encourage users to click on either the ad itself or one of your sitelinks.

Callouts are a great way to highlight additional USPs about your business, special promotions, or additional product info that isn’t addressed in your sitelinks.

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