Google Right Side Ads

Google Right Side Ads Removed

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Update: Since posting this article (yesterday!), there has already been new discovery as to how the new ad format will impact results and campaigns. put together an article on some of the findings so far (check it out here). What we found interesting? Position 3 actually had the most positive change as a result, with a 15% increase in CTR. Keep checking back for more details as we learn more. Read More

Digital Programmatic

The State Of Advertising & Digital Programmatic

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On RealTime Daily, a January 8th article* accused many top digital programmatic networks of delivering fraudulent traffic to its advertisers, many of which are top names in the programmatic space. These allegations center around the fact that these display and video ad networks drive up to 70% of traffic that appears in placements other than those intended. Some may argue that this isn’t fraud, but rather inaccuracy. Regardless, it differs from what was promised in the insertion order. Read More

CRO Part 1 Blog

Do You Know CRO? Part 1

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At Geary LSF we’re frequently asked about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and its importance to the long-term success of a website’s ability to capture the attention of visitors and convert them into engaged users. This desire for improved engagement naturally translates to other owned media as well including: landing pages, forms, call to action (CTA) links and more. Read More

Google Penguin 4.0 Blog

What You Need to Know About Penguin 4.0 (and How to Make Sure You’re Prepared)

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There’s been a lot of talk amongst SEOs lately about penguins.

Google Penguin

Whoops, scratch that.

There’s been a lot of talk amongst SEOs lately about Penguin. As in, the imminent Google Penguin 4.0 algorithm update that may or may not have already started to shake up the SERPs. (Last week, Barry Schwartz noted what he (and others) thought might be Google testing Penguin, or some other rankings algorithm change, as many users had noticed significant fluctuations in search results). Read More