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Matching Your Media with Your Message

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Smart marketing has always been about matching the right channel with the right message for each audience at the right time. Since we’ve been on the topic of Generational Marketing lately (read more here and here), we thought we’d tie it all together with a few helpful digital marketing tips to match your media to your message in order to gain the attention of each generation and, hopefully, make your marketing smarter. Read More

Generational Marketing

Generational Marketing: Part 1

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There are now six generations in the U.S. The Greatest Generation is now in its 90s while Generation Z is just into its teens. While the dates for Greatest, Silent, Baby Boomer and the beginning of Gen X are generally agreed upon, the dates for the end of Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z fluctuate. In Part 1 of this series on Generational Marketing, we’ll focus on Greatest to Boomer and their digital profiles. Read More

Ad Blockers

Ad Blockers: Death Knell or Wake Up Call?

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Ad blockers such as Adblock Plus and Purify are gaining popularity with millions of people around the world. As the newest challenge for advertisers, these programs are having a big impact on revenue and shaking up the industry. It might be tempting to persevere as if nothing had changed, but smart brands will face the fact that they are the new reality of digital advertising. Read More