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Geary LSF to Host Media Summit for Employee Professional Development

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Digital marketing agency, Geary LSF, has announced that they will be hosting an internal media summit that brings together all members of the agency’s Paid Media department. Employees from Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and San Diego will gather for the inaugural event that takes place October 1st and 2nd at Geary LSF’s brand new San Diego office. Read More

Digital Breakfast Blog

Geary LSF to Host Second Google Partners Digital Marketing Breakfast

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As a Google Partner, digital marketing agency, Geary LSF, has teamed up with the search giant to host an exclusive educational workshop at the Google San Francisco Headquarters. The event, which is the second of its kind sponsored by Geary LSF, will highlight new innovation at Google, omni-channel marketing strategies for B2B and B2C companies alike, and holiday trends and insights for 2015. The event, which is free to Geary LSF guests, is expected to reach capacity. Read More

US Search Shortlist

Geary LSF Shortlisted for Three US Search Awards in 2015 Competition

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Digital marketing agency, Geary LSF, has made the US Search Awards shortlist for the third year in a row, recognizing the exceptional work they do for their clients each and every day. This year’s honored submission by the agency, the extensive search and content marketing work performed for longtime client Monkey Sports, has been shortlisted for: Best Use of Search – Retail, Best Integrated Campaign, and Best SEO Campaign. Read More

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Choosing an Agency: Why Digital Beats Old School

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Choosing an agency can be overwhelming (check out this helpful article on determining if you even need an agency). It seems almost every day we hear of a new type – interactive, digital, creative, media, social, full service, traditional and more. For a company looking for help with its business, the differences can be confusing and frustrating. You don’t care what it’s called, you just need results, right? Read More

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6 Signs You Need Help With Your Marketing

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Are you happy with your marketing results? Do you think your brand is well represented online? Is it easy to find your site? Are your ads generating the leads you need?

If the answer is yes, congratulations! Your business is on the path to long-term success. If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Digital marketing is complex and constantly changing. It requires expertise in a wide range of disciplines – website strategy, design, and development; online advertising; content creation; social media; search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics. It’s tough to integrate and succeed at all levels.

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Ahead of the curve

Why Hire a Digital Agency

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As the Internet, apps, search engines and mobile devices become a bigger part of our lives with every year, reaching and engaging audiences on their digital journeys is critical.

Retailers, insurers, food and beverage providers, universities, news services, manufacturers and more are turning to digital marketing and advertising to promote their products and services. These businesses and others like them have found that connecting with prospects and customers online is the path to success.

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