Attribution Models

How to Decide Which Attribution Model is Best For Your Business

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Technology has created many possible opportunities for brand interactions today, both online and offline. As such, marketers must have a deep understanding of their target audience’s habits, what their touch points are, where they fall in the decision-making cycle, and what kind of impact they have in progressing customers closer to purchase.

Providing that understanding is an attribution model. Choosing the correct attribution model for your business can provide the necessary insight to make smart business decisions based on performance.

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Actionable Insights

Analytics: Don’t Let Google Do the Thinking For You

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The biggest misconception about Google Analytics is that you can simply install it and the system will automatically give you valuable information. Google is deceptively easy to set up and the barrier to entry is low. This lures many marketers into letting Google do the thinking for them and ignoring many of the features that provide rich, actionable insights. As a result, they don’t capture the data that is most meaningful to their business – data that will give them the greatest understanding.

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security: Three Steps To Keep Every Site More Secure

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Almost every week, there’s another report of a website security breach and the theft of data, financial information, and thousands of personal records. In the past year alone some of the biggest companies in the world have been hacked. The list includes Home Depot, Ebay, JP Morgan Chase, the IRS, Uber, Staples, Target, British Airways, AOL, Adobe, Living Social, Zappos, Facebook, Sony, TJ Maxx and many more. This is in addition to Internet-wide bugs such as Heartbleed, Bash, and POODLE that weakened systems around the world.

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“Kill the Strategist” and 3 Other Lessons from HubSpot’s VP of Content Marketing

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On Tuesday, June 2, the San Diego HubSpot User Group hosted HubSpot’s VP of Marketing, Joe Chernov, for a happy hour Q-and-A at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego. It was a fitting venue for Chernov: with full tattoo sleeves on both arms, a bristly beard, and a devil-may-care, sarcasm-tinged manner, Joe casually fielded inquiries from nearly 50 attendees in what can best be described as an inbound marketing fireside chat.

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A Journalist’s Guide to Copy Editing for SEO

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In an era when original content is slowly dying or being obscured by cyber junk, it’s more important than ever to optimize your content for online search. Your visibility is no longer dependent solely on how or where your print publication is circulated, but how your content is discovered. Your audience is no longer thumbing through newspapers or magazines on the newsstands; they are actively searching for reading material online. You’re not only competing with local or national publications; you’re also competing with the World Wide Web.

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Paid Social Media

Top 4 Tips for Paid Social

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  • computer + phone = iPhone
  • gas power + electric = Prius
  • road bike + mountain bike = commuter bike
  • tangerine + grapefruit = tangelo
  • chill + relax = chillax

Answer: They’re all hybrids. Hybrids combine the best parts of two things – electronics, fruit, words or something else — and make something innovative. Frequently, the new thing is more than the sum of its parts, offering power, functionality, or flavor that wasn’t possible before.

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