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How To Determine How Much To Spend On Display Advertising

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When it comes to determining ad spend for your Paid Search campaigns, it’s easy because you can set a budget and adjust as needed, almost in real time, as you see the results roll in. But with Display Advertising, it’s a little more complicated.

If you are just dipping your toes in Display, you want to generate enough impressions so that you can get meaningful data. You also want to test out different networks to see what works. A lot of networks have minimum buying requirements, ranging from $5k to $15k per month. However, if you are spending less than $30k per month, usually this amount is not high enough to generate a meaningful response that gives you enough data.

In addition, you have to consider your targeting options. The more targeting that is layered on your campaign, the higher the CPM will be. Also, if the ads are too highly targeted you won’t get enough conversions.

It can be a challenge to calibrate the appropriate level of spending to generate the results you need while supporting your other marketing and advertising initiatives. The bottom line is that you need to spend enough to drive conversions and to generate meaningful data that will allow you to determine the appropriate level of spending moving forward. This is only possible through testing and careful observation.

For support in determining if Display is a tactic you should explore for branding purposes, feel free to contact a Geary LSF representative, or for more information regarding Paid Media best practices, download the FREE Whitepaper today.


4 Things Omni-Channel Marketers Need to Know about Google’s Mobile Update

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We heart our phones. We really do. Did you know that 60% of U.S. adults now choose smartphones and tablets over PCs to find information before they buy anything offline? With more people spending more time on their mobile devices, the pressure is on to make sure your website is mobile friendly. Mobile-responsive sites are those that “respond” to a user’s screen size. This means having a site that looks good no matter what kind of device someone is using – smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

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Implementing an Omni-channel Marketing Strategy

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The days of siloed marketing efforts in which campaigns are launched and measured on separate channels are no longer. These individual, one-off tactics can lead to inconsistency in brand messaging, unpredictable results and poorly spent marketing dollars. It’s time to start thinking about your brand, product, or service in the context of each customer’s digital engagement path. It’s time to start thinking omni-channel.

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Geary LSF Wins Four Horizon Interactive Awards, Recognized As ‘Distinguished Agency’ in 2014 Competition

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Digital marketing agency, Geary LSF, is pleased to announce their recognition in the 2014 Horizon Interactive Awards competition. Receiving four awards in total, including a Gold Award for the design and development of the new BumbleBee.com, and a Gold Award for the new WD-40 Company website, Geary LSF is honored to be recognized for their creative work. Additionally, the agency took home a silver award in the Promotional Video category and silver in the Advertising – Integrated Campaign category, respectively.

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Local Search Measurement

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Local Search

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Would you ever launch a Paid Search campaign without tracking tags and success metrics in place? How about SEO? Display? Of course not, yet we continually see Local Search programs that have no tracking mechanisms in place. One of the challenges in measuring the effectiveness of Local Search is the local searchers tendency to convert offline. While we have some new and interesting approaches to address that problem, there are online metrics that offer immediate solutions as well.

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Premium Link Building

The Case For Premium Link Building

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There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to developing an SEO strategy, and choosing the right strategy can have a significant impact on your site’s ranking, traffic, and overall business success. Designing your brand’s approach and choosing the tactics that will work best for you depends on:

  1. What state your website is in
  2. Your current rankings
  3. Your overall authority
  4. Online market share
  5. Your competition

In this article, we’ll focus on just one of the many tactics you can choose to add to your Earned Media mix: Premium Link Building.

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website accessibility

Website Accessibility Best Practices

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Until fairly recently, accessing the web meant using a browser on a PC; a majority of consumers were using Internet Explorer on a Windows PC. But the growth of wireless access, mobile phones and other devices means the fastest growing sector for web access is on mobile devices. So now, with the changes to the way people live their lives and do business, how should your website be built to reflect the new way of life, and on what platform and for which devices should it be built?

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Website Before and After

Geary LSF Launches New Mobile-Responsive Website for Integrated Medical Data

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Continuing their trend of designing innovative and beautiful creative projects with a mobile-first mentality, digital marketing agency, Geary LSF, has announced their most recent client project launch, integratedmedicaldata.com. iMD was looking for an agency partner to execute a website redesign campaign that included rebranding of their outdated assets. Geary LSF’s award-winning creative team was tasked with developing a visual, strategic and innovative website, that included all Search Engine Optimization elements, to enhance the overall user experience. The agency took an iterative and collaborative approach to ensure a superior finished product that achieved the marketing goals of the client.

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Yahoo Bing Search

The Fate of the Yahoo/Bing Search Alliance is Up in the Air

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For those of us that have been working in the paid search space for a while, it’s hard to believe that it’s already been 5 years since the Yahoo/Bing Search Alliance was formed (I don’t even want to think about how long ago Panama was!). But as things stand right now, the Alliance may not go on to complete the originally expected 10 year agreement. The original provisions of the deal called for a 10 year duration that could be reviewed at the 5 year mark, which passed at the end of February 2015. Yahoo and Bing have reportedly extended the decision by 60 days via an SEC filing after February 23rd.

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