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Geary LSF POV Article by: Liz Serafin
April 2014

Google AdWords Developments: It’s Not About The Device, It’s About the Consumer

On April 22nd, 2014, Google officially announced a series of new innovations it will be introducing to its AdWords customers. Read Geary LSF’s point of view on the enhancements here. Read More…

Digital Advertising Article by: Brandon Sanchez
April 2014

Do Better Weekly Wrap-up

This week’s Do Better weekly wrap-up covers a wide spectrum of industry related articles including new additions to Google Analytics, optimizing the user experience, updated Facebook ads, and the annual IAB report. We hope you find these four articles are as informative as we did.   Here are the helpful articles in case you missed

youtube Article by: Daniel Laury
April 2014

YouTube Marketing: Making the Most of Video

The implications of video growth for the digital advertising industry are huge. Whether you opt for YouTube, Facebook, or Hulu, online video is one of the most effective and efficient ways to communicate your marketing message to your audience. Read More…

logo Article by: Liz Serafin
April 2014

Enhanced Campaigns Big Picture & What’s Next For AdWords: It’s About the Context and Not the Keywords

There has been buzz recently in the SEM landscape around the next round of AdWords innovations. Geary LSF predicts what Google will launch next to turn the SEM landscape upside down. Read More…

not-provided-keyword-data Article by: Liz Serafin
April 2014

Google’s “Not Provided” Announcement for Paid Search Causes More Panic Than Impact

The industry has been buzzing this week about first the speculation, and then the “official” announcement regarding Google’s encryption of search query data for paid search. Geary LSF Vice President of Media, Liz Serafin, offers her point of view on the announcement. Read More…

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