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checklist Article by: Daniel Laury
August 2014

4 Things You Should Know About Paid Media

If you want your message to be seen quickly by a specific audience, Paid Media is the right channel for you. Online advertisers in many industries have found that Paid Media is a key factor for growing their businesses. Paid Media initiatives such as display advertising, paid search marketing and sponsorships allow you to reach

logo-150x150 Article by: Andrew Kougl
July 2014

Changes are Coming to Google’s AdWords Policies

Last week Google announced that they’ll be revamping their advertising policies for all advertisers who run their campaigns on Google. Marketers should take note of what Google will deem acceptable content and make sure that they are compliant before the new policies take effect in September.   Google is making these policy changes with the

Google-Shopping-Campaigns Article by: Samantha McCloskey
July 2014

Making the Most of Google’s New Shopping Campaigns

  When Product Listing Ads were originally introduced, they opened up a new world to advertisers. Search Engine ads became enhanced with price points and product images.  Users searching for sundresses were able to browse image results instead of relying solely on the text of ads.  Google has recently introduced Shopping Campaigns as a simplified

logo Article by: Daniel Laury
June 2014

How to Detect a Google Penalty

The tools and techniques of Search Engine Optimization are continually evolving and it’s a challenge to stay up-to-the-minute. With its recent major updates — and numerous minor ones — Google has drawn a hard line in the sand regarding SEO tactics. These updates have affected some websites positively and left others facing stiff penalties.  

Marketing Without Words Article by: Rebecca Wetherbee
June 2014

Marketing Without Words – Best Practices for Image Creation on the Social Web

Everyone can see that the web is a highly visual space. This is for a good reason — not only do images appeal to people aesthetically, but they capture attention significantly faster than text content. In fact, a recent study discovered that the human brain can process an image in as little as 13 milliseconds.

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