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Wonderful Life Article by: Geary LSF Admin
October 2014

Five Tactics for Strong Holiday Sales

Is your business ready for the holidays? Last year, U.S. consumers spent more than $700 billion over the holiday season, representing an average of 18.3% of all retailers’ annual sales. Industry watchers predict that in 2014, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will exceed last year’s record-breaking numbers. Read More…

Google Partner Article by: Katie Colleton
September 2014

Geary LSF: Being A Google Partner Agency

Google Partners are online marketing companies, trusted by Google. Geary LSF is one of them. Read More…

Geary LSF Article by: Race Engbar
September 2014

Callout Extensions Are Out of Beta

Early in September, Google rolled out to the public a new type of ad extension known as callout extensions. Similar to sitelink extensions, callouts allow advertisers to show additional text with their Google search ad; unlike sitelink extensions, callouts aren’t clickable, and should be used to encourage users to click on either the ad itself

chopped Article by: Katie Colleton
September 2014

Chopped! Geary LSF Edition

Creativity. Dedication. Time management. Team work. These are all essential ingredients for a successful digital advertising agency. Read More…

Back to school Article by: Levi Eli
September 2014

Three Lessons from Back-to-School 2014

It’s back to school time! For many brands, this is one of the biggest seasons of the year. 2014 is no exception – with a digital twist. Read More…

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