Why It Matters

Potential customers exist across all stages of the purchase funnel from people who have never heard of your company and are researching a product or service, to loyal brand advocates that are repeat customers. With its broad spectrum of tactics, Paid Media is the most efficient and effective way to reach consumers at every stage of the purchase path.

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Our Approach

Our belief is that media should be managed together allowing our team to best identify opportunities for performance, efficiency and a consistent brand message. Through our in-depth approach involving all facets of Paid Media, our team of experts is able to tailor a solution to help you reach your marketing goals. Here’s how we do it.


The Discovery phase begins with landscape research and an in-depth understanding of the client’s business, target audience, program goals and objectives via a detailed media brief.


The information collected during the discovery phase is utilized to craft a media placement strategy, optimization roadmap and client specific RFPs to be sent to media vendors.


Upon completion of the RFP scoring process, campaign set up and the creative development process begin as appropriate tracking is defined, which will provide detailed insight into the various touch points.


An attribution model is used to continually optimize media program performance centered around targeting, audience segmentation, creative, landing page experience, and pricing rates.

The Big Picture

The all-encompassing realm of Paid Media plays an impactful role on an integrated marketing approach. With Geary LSF’s approach to Paid Media, the key concept reigns true: engage across multiple touch points to ensure we influence every stage of the consumer decision-making journey. Through the use of Display, Paid Search, Video, Retargeting and more, our team carries your brand’s voice from one touch point to the next, seamlessly working with earned and owned media initiatives to move the consumer along the path to purchase.

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Growth in revenue
Increase in conversion rate through retargeting
Of our new business is from referrals

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