Why It Matters

There’s a conversation about your brand and it’s taking place across the social web. Are you participating? Are you even listening? Creating meaningful connections is fundamental to the success of social media marketing. It’s time you join in and engage these highly targeted and active audiences. We can help.

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Our Approach

Geary LSF is all about connecting brands with their customers through authentic online engagement to increase brand awareness and, ultimately, drive more conversions. Our unique approach is full-bodied and designed to integrate seamlessly with other earned media efforts.


We start with in-depth research, comparison and opportunity analysis to gain insight into your industry’s social pulse, followed by an analysis of your current social media efforts.


With long-term success in mind, we craft a custom social media strategy based on your goals and objectives.


Getting to the good stuff, we begin to build your assets and profiles around the strategy that was developed.


In order to keep your company on the front lines of social media, we continuously manage and optimize your social media campaign through ongoing maintenance and social listening.

The Big Picture

The foundation of an effective social media marketing campaign is built on two things: content and context. In order to join the conversation, you first need to know where your audience is, be able to get in front of them, and have something relevant and of value to share with them. Our social media strategies leverage both paid and earned media to maximize opportunity across social channels. This collaborative ecosystem accomplishes the ultimate goal of engaging your relevant community to drive action and reach big picture marketing objectives.

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Social Media Tactics

Content Creation & Curation

We craft a plan that outlines the content that will be shared with your social audience and the days and times that content should be shared for optimal reach and engagement. We also offer social media post creation and syndication.

Social Listening & Influencer Research Design

To best determine what actions to take for your custom strategy, we audit relevant conversations to understand volume, topics, underlying issues, and to identify influencers who are driving the conversation.

Community Management

We are constantly in tune with what is being said about your brand, who is saying it and what channels the conversations are taking place on. We work with your organization to develop a cross-functional system to share valuable business insights and feedback with the right teams internally to facilitate dialogue and progress.

Competitive Assessment

Analysis of top competitors allows us to learn what to and not to do when it comes to interacting with your target audience. We can also create campaign goals aligned with competitor achievements.

Asset Creation & Management

Optimizing and enhancing your social media profiles drives traffic from direct social site referrals and helps search engines identify your site as relevant and valuable when people search for your products and services.

Paid Social Advertising Asset

Expand your reach across social channels through the utilization of paid social ads such as promoted posts and sponsored content. Our teams will help target your ads, create copy and schedule ads to reach the right audience at the right time.

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